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Expected Lifetime Earnings by Education Level

Expected Lifetime Earnings:1 Million

Expected Lifetime Earnings:1.2 Million

Expected Lifetime Earnings:1.5 Million

Expected Lifetime Earnings:1.6 Million

Expected Lifetime Earnings:2.1 Million

Expected Lifetime Earnings:2.5 Million

Expected Lifetime Earnings:3.4 Million

Expected Lifetime Earnings:4.4 Million

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Myths about College

  • It doesn't matter which classes I take in high school, as long as my grade point average is high.

    Admissions officers pay attention to course selection throughout high school and especially senior year.

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  • I can't afford college.

    Most college students require some form of financial aid. Don't ignore college because of its "sticker price." You can receive a combination of grants, loans, scholarships or work-study jobs to help reduce the cost.

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  • I can wait until I'm accepted to a college before worrying about financial aid.

    Most financial aid is given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't wait to get started.

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  • I can get more scholarships by paying someone to search for me.

    Scholarship scams are everywhere. Beware of any group or individual that guarantees a scholarship if you pay a fee. There are many good and free scholarship sources on the Internet.

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  • If I'm paying my way through college, my parents salary doesn't matter.

    Most need-based financial aid is based on the student's and the parents' income and assets.

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  • I'm not smart enough to go to college.

    You probably are—the basic skills needed for college are not so different from those for high school. Students go to class, take notes, read books, study, and do assignments. And colleges offer tutoring and other support if you need additional help. Most students who work hard will do just fine.

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  • College is just for privileged kids.

    There are a wide variety of colleges and universities available. Nearly any young person who works hard and has the right support can go to college and do well.

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Choosing a Career

No one said it was easy to choose a career. If you are feeling stuck, try this step-by-step approach to choosing a career.

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