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Blue-collar Worker Supervisors

For the millions of workers who assemble manufactured goods, service electronic equipment, work in construction, load trucks, or perform thousands of other activities, a blue-collar worker supervisor is the boss. Blue-collar worker supervisors may also be called first-line supervisors, or foremen/forewomen. In the textile industry, these supervisors may be called second hands; on ships, they may be called boatswains. In the construction industry, supervisors can be referred to as superintendents or crew chiefs.

Entry Requirements

Completion of high school is often the minimum educational requirement to become a blue-collar worker supervisor, but workers generally receive training in human resources, computer software, and management before they advance to these positions. Although many workers still rise through the ranks with high school diplomas, employers increasingly seek applicants with post-secondary technical degrees. In high-technology industries such as aerospace and electronics, employers may require a bachelor’s degree or technical school training.

Average salary is $50,500 a year.

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